Green Careers Week to be held in UK

Green Careers Week will be held between November 6-11 this year. The inaugural event held last year was launched by National Careers Week, with STEM Learning and the UK Space Agency to raise awareness of green careers in every industry. The definition of what...

Iran unrest sparks price volatility

The article below appeared in the 3 January 2018 edition of Natural Gas Daily, published by Interfax Global Energy Services. Civil unrest in Iran has led to at least 21 deaths, and violent clashes between security forces and protesters that began in the northeastern...

Lithium demand soars while supply lags behind

Lithium-ion (Li-i) batteries are the fastest-growing technology in the power storage sector, according to a recent report by Forum for the Future, which tapped insights from half a dozen key executives in the UK energy sector. But the rising cost of lithium and cobalt, which is a component of the cathodes used in Li-i batteries, could slow their progress.

US refiners wean off Venezuelan crude

Faced with the possibility of tighter sanctions on Venezuela, US refiners are switching to lighter crude slates and sourcing more heavy grades from Canada and Mexico. Asian refiners look set to reap the benefit. This has implications for crude differentials in all parts of the world.

Power to the islands

Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean are transitioning from legacy energy supplies based on refined products to renewable sources including solar, wind and biofuels. The region also has significant oil and gas potential, but unresolved border issues have discouraged its exploitation.

Iran threatens big rise in oil and gas output and exports

Iran’s deputy oil minister, Amir Hossein Zamaninia, said at the World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul this week that his country planned to ramp up gas production to nearly 1.37 billion cubic metres per day and oil production to around 5 million barrels per day (MMb/d) by 2021.

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