Statoil Energy Realities competition: The Central Bank for Energy Innovation

PS Finalist
Pricing Energy Ltd’s managing director Peter Stewart was the winner of the competition “Energy Realities” run jointly by Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil and the Economist on the future of energy.

His winning entry called for the energy industry, governments and the academic community to work together to deliver sustainable innovation in delivering energy to the world’s rapidly growing population. This tripartite alliance, often known as the Triple Helix, should focus on innovations that are climate-friendly but also affordable and practical, and can deliver results in meaningful time.
Using the metaphor of a central bank, Peter laid out a plan for a permanent body that would have ideas as its currency, that would act as a lender of last resort to support new ideas in energy innovation but that would also exercise tight controls to avoid the hyper-inflation of impractical schemes.
Staoil issued a press release to mark the winning entry and has also published a video of the key themes of the competition on You Tube.
For further details about the Central Bank for Energy Innovation, orto discuss how to develop the underlying theme of the “triple helix” cooperation between industry, government and the academic community please contact:
Peter Stewart
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